How to make a bean bag chair?

Place the inner liner inside the outer cover. Your bean bag chair is now ready to be filled with polystyrene beads. Fill the inner liner to at least 80 per cent capacity. Zip the inner and outer openings closed, and try out your new chair. You may add or subtract filler to make the bean bag firmer or softer if desired.

How to make a bean bag chair?

Buy a cheap fabric for the interior. To make a bean bag chair, you will need to create two bags: an inner bag that will hold the “beans,” and an exterior cover to go over it. Since the inner bag will be out of sight, go with something simple and affordable, like white cotton quilting fabric. Save your money for the cover’s material.

How do you make a bean bag cover?

Measure out the fabric, cut it up, sew it on three sides and fill it up with whatever filler you chose. Then, sew up the last bit. If you chose to make a separate cover for the bean bag, follow the same pattern you did for the bag and add a zipper on the fourth side instead.

This of course begs the inquiry “How do you make a bean bag out of fabric?”

Start by cutting the fabric and muslin. Cut two pieces of fabric and two pieces of muslin for each bean bag you are making. The bean bags in this tutorial use 4-1/2″ fabric squares and 4″ muslin squares. You can adjust these dimensions to the size you need. They don’t even need to be square.

Making floor and throw pillows is a great way to accent your other bean bag furniture. To make coordinating bean bag pillows, cut two identical square or rectangular piece of your cover fabric, and sew them together on three sides. Invert the pillow to hide seams.

But Making a bean bag allows you the freedom of choice – much more than the store bought one – texture, print, size, colour, pattern – all in your control and at the fraction of the cost of the one you get to buy. I am making this one in a beautiful chenille fabric – in a teal colour, the likes of which I have never seen in a bean bag shop.

This of course begs the query “Can I make a beanbag out of a shirt?”

You can get bean bag fillings in some stores, and online, which are really good to use. Otherwise, chickpeas, beans, and toy stuffing are all good choices. Could I use a very large shirt to make a beanbag? You could, but you’d likely find that it’s too small, even with the largest of shirts.

How long does it take to sew a Kids Bean bag chair?

Hayley from Grey House Harbor is showing us how to sew a kids bean bag chair in only 30 minutes!