Does limassol have an airport?

Limassol is about a 40 minutes drive from both Larnaca and Paphos international airports . Larnaca mainly serves traditional scheduled airlines, whilst all of RyanAir’s flights land in Paphos. There is a regular shuttle bus service from Larnaca and Paphos airports.

Distance from Ercan International Airport to Limassol is 42.1 miles / 67.7 kilometers . Ercan International Airport is located approximately 7.8 miles / 12.5 kilometers east of Nicosia and about 16.0 miles / 25.7 kilometers southeast of Kyrenia. IATA airport code is ECN.

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Larnaca International Airport is located approximately 3.3 miles / 5.3 kilometers south of Larnaca and about 24.6 miles / 39.6 kilometers southwest of Famagusta. IATA airport code is LCA.

Paphos International Airport is located approximately 5.4 miles / 8.6 kilometers southeast of Paphos and about 31.5 miles / 50.7 kilometers west of Limassol. IATA airport code is PFO. Distance from Larnaca International Airport to Limassol is 35.9 miles / 57.7 kilometers.

Where does limahl live?

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Did de Lima have an affair with her driver?

On August 17, 2016, the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte alleged that De Lima had been having an affair with her driver, Ronnie Dayan, who Duterte also alleged functioned as De Lima’s collector for drug protection money when she was the Justice secretary. Duterte also alleged that De Lima’s driver had been using drugs.

Malacanang has repeatedly denied De Lima’s allegations, saying the charges against her are being tried by the country’s independent courts. The other two are still pending at the Muntinlupa Regional Trial Court.