How to cook black trumpet mushrooms?

With black trumpet mushrooms considered the tastiest of them all, it helps to know how to cook them properly . As with any wild-grown mushroom, there is normally a very limited supply which you have at your disposal.

You can store black trumpet mushrooms in the fridge , freezer, or dehydrated on the shelf. Dehydrated black trumpets will keep the longest, as you can store them at room temperature for up to a year.

Black trumpets hold their flavor and keep very well dried. If you have too many, dry them out in a dehydrator or on a sheet in the oven on the lowest setting. The dried mushrooms can then be chopped or powdered, and used to add flavor to recipes or white wines. Add your dried mushroom powder to rice dishes, or even couscous.

The easiest way to clean black trumpet mushrooms is to slice them in half . This will open the entire crevice up, exposing any critters calling your next meal home. Make sure to inspect every nook and cranny for any lingering behind. There may also be eggs so be sure to look for those.

According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, you will usually find a group of black trumpets growing close together. Black trumpets are safe and easy to identify because they don’t have any poisonous look-alikes. Their only known look-alike, the Devil’s urn mushroom, grows in the early spring and has a much more rounded appearance.

Black trumpets only really have one other mushroom that you may confuse with it. The Devil’s Urn is a similar looking mushroom, but nowhere near as tasty as the black trumpets. The only downside in choosing the devil’s urn mushrooms by mistake is that the taste isn’t anywhere near as intense.

How do you dry mushrooms for cooking?

The drying process can be as simple as laying the mushrooms out in the sun to dry, or putting them in a dehydrator overnight at around 115 – 120°F. They will be properly dried once they become slightly crispy like a chip. Take the black trumpet mushroom.

Air drying is also a great way to dry your mushrooms. Just hang them up in a dark corner in a dry part of the house, like a pantry. Use a paper bag to keep the dust off them. The great thing about drying mushrooms is that it enhances the flavors, giving you more taste for your find .

The methods of preserving mushrooms discussed below include: Drying mushrooms allows them to be stored and usable for a longer period of time than having to use them when fresh.

Where can I find a black trumpet tree?

To forage for black trumpets, head to any local hardwood forests or wooded area. Black trumpets grow during the summer and fall and may be especially plentiful in areas with plenty of moisture. If you don’t find any at first, look closer.