Why climax is important?

The climax of shows and movies is so important because it is the moment that everyone in the audience is waiting for, while holding their breath in anticipation. Now, think about this format in the context of standard, monogamous romantic relationships, such as those found in romantic comedies.

What is the climax of a story?

Plainly put, the climax is when all of the preceding drama, tension, trials, and conflict culminate in one explosive moment. The climax should be the most dramatic part of your story, and it should be the moment that leads directly to the resolution of your story.

Sometimes a writer will write a climax based on an outline after the story’s already changed in drafting, and this means they’re resolving a story arc that no longer exists. Again, make sure you can draw a clear line between each point leading up your climax.

What is the climax of the movie Tangled?

In Tangled, the climax is when Eugene cuts Rapunzel’s hair to prevent Mother Gothel from stealing her away forever. This action kills Mother Gothel, who is our main antagonist, and permanently frees Rapunzel. The movie has been about whether Rapunzel can ever escape the tower, and after the climax, she can.

One query we ran across in our research was “What is the climax of the Freytag Pyramid?”.

Another answer is freytag’s Pyramid includes exposition, an inciting incident, and rising action, all of which lead to the climax. After the climax, all that’s left is falling action and a resolution. The rising action in this structure is what culminates in the climax.

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